about me

here's a little about me:

name: Andrea LiBrandi

age: 29

family: michael, husband. weston, little boy. zip, dog. pepper, kitty cat.

occupation(s): Freelance Graphic Designer, Stay-at-Home Mommy, Wife, Creator of all things cute & handmade :)

favorite color(s): mustard/goldenrod, aqua, olive green, magenta, rusty orange...ok, i love all colors!

favorite tv show(s): Grey's Anatomy, Scandal, Parenthood

i love owls, gnomes & little baby kittens. i'm addicted to pinterest, love paper crafts and could spend all day in a scrapbook store! i like starbucks white chocolate mochas with extra extra whip and pumpkin spice lattes in the fall. yummy!

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