Sunday, January 1, 2012

here's to 2012...

hope your new year is off to a very merry start!

i'm not going to call them new years resolutions...because then i probably won't achieve them...i will just say these are a few things i'm going to do this year:

as i'm sifting through my 386 "new" emails...i've realized that i'm spending way too much time oogling over everyone else's creativity and not actually creating enough on my own. there is always so much inspiration out there that is beautiful to look at, but the more i keep pinning images, the less time i actually have to create. so my new years resolution is to unsubscribe from several blogs to get back some of my "me" time. i mean seriously, we all lead busy lives but when you don't check your email from 3 days and have almost 400 emails to go through, that's a little ridiculous in my book. unless that is your job to do that. and it's not my job. haha. so i will go forth and start unsubscribing!

another goal i have is to get my loft/studio in shape! it looks like a hurricane came through in 8 consecutive passes. we have an old house with basically no storage and no basement so everything gets piled upstairs. it needs major work. i will also be decluttering the junk we will never use and i can't wait. organization, here i come!

i'm going to start my project life album...just waiting for it to get here in the mail. i'm going to use my new sewing machine that my husband bought me for my birthday. i'm going to take lots of photos. i'm going to enjoy life with my little family. here's to a bright start to 2012 :)

xxo andie...