Thursday, December 29, 2011


so...within the past 15 minutes, i just decided that i want to do project life...and that i'm going to start it as of october 2011. what? that was going on 3 months ago? huh? i'm already behind? oh snap.

i just ordered my kit by becky higgins from amazon. picking a color scheme was no easy task but i went with the cobalt collection. or at least i think that's what i finally decided on...guess we'll see when it arrives in the mail! :)

i'm suddenly very excited about this and cannot wait to document my first year of motherhood!

xxo andie...

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

a very merry christmas

hope you all had a very merry christmas! we sure did. little weston was too little to enjoy this year, but it was still a special time and i am glad he at least liked the sparkling lights on the christmas trees! :)  here's to a blessed 2012 from my little family to yours!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

happy mail

i got happy mail on friday from susan at paper crafts magazine! woot woot! the publication is called "card creations: volume 10." i just love paper crafts mag...this will be my 2nd card published with them. the first was in their stamp it! volume 8 that came out this summer. that was super exciting! i don't think i've blogged that card yet...better put it on my to-do list! and i'm still waiting to see my ultrasound mini album in northridge publishing's create: mini albums!!! i think that one should be coming out soon. so glad that this year i was able to get was on my "dream list." :)

my little westy is 2 months old! my sister took this picture of us when we were home for thanksgiving. so thankful to have a happy & healthy family! (by the way...if anyone has any cute pictures of a medium length hairstyle, send them my way! my hair is looking too long i think and i'm ready for a change!) :)


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

a very merry christmas bear

hi ya'll!

whew...where did a the last month go? when i just logged in, i saw that my last post was almost a whole month previous to today. that's just insane! i've been too wrapped up in my little sweet boy. i have to leave him on monday and go back to work...which has made me cry about a xillion times today. ugh. majorly stressed about that! but at least he will be at home with my husband and not have to go to daycare for the time being, so that makes it a little bit better! i can call and check up on him as many times as i want!

anyhow, just popping in to share a christmas card. i picked up this cheap, cute bear stamp by imaginisce from their outdoorsy/camping i suppose he's really suppose to be a brown bear, but hey, there are no rules, right?! so i turned him into a cute polar bear :)  i also used some white paint on those jenny bowlin chipboard banner pieces to give it a snowy some awesome martha stewart glitter!