Wednesday, December 7, 2011

a very merry christmas bear

hi ya'll!

whew...where did a the last month go? when i just logged in, i saw that my last post was almost a whole month previous to today. that's just insane! i've been too wrapped up in my little sweet boy. i have to leave him on monday and go back to work...which has made me cry about a xillion times today. ugh. majorly stressed about that! but at least he will be at home with my husband and not have to go to daycare for the time being, so that makes it a little bit better! i can call and check up on him as many times as i want!

anyhow, just popping in to share a christmas card. i picked up this cheap, cute bear stamp by imaginisce from their outdoorsy/camping i suppose he's really suppose to be a brown bear, but hey, there are no rules, right?! so i turned him into a cute polar bear :)  i also used some white paint on those jenny bowlin chipboard banner pieces to give it a snowy some awesome martha stewart glitter!

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