Thursday, December 15, 2011

happy mail

i got happy mail on friday from susan at paper crafts magazine! woot woot! the publication is called "card creations: volume 10." i just love paper crafts mag...this will be my 2nd card published with them. the first was in their stamp it! volume 8 that came out this summer. that was super exciting! i don't think i've blogged that card yet...better put it on my to-do list! and i'm still waiting to see my ultrasound mini album in northridge publishing's create: mini albums!!! i think that one should be coming out soon. so glad that this year i was able to get was on my "dream list." :)

my little westy is 2 months old! my sister took this picture of us when we were home for thanksgiving. so thankful to have a happy & healthy family! (by the way...if anyone has any cute pictures of a medium length hairstyle, send them my way! my hair is looking too long i think and i'm ready for a change!) :)


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