Friday, May 24, 2013 no.117

phew, i've missed out on quite a few make it mondays lately :( but glad to grab a minute to participate in this week's challenge of paper piecing. this is another favorite technique of mine. i like that you don't have to be good at coloring, or own a million copics to do this lol. and i'm always happy to use some of my gorgeous pattern paper for a good reason. i really love how this flower came togethere once i got the patterns together. this might be one of my favorite cards i've ever made! :)


in other news, i can't stop crying tonight. i took my baby to get his first haircut today...i did fine while we were there, and he did too. he got to sit in a fun car chair and watched an elmo movie. he sat still and didn't make a peep, so as far as that went, he was great! he got a special certificate, a balloon & sucker, then we went on our way to the mall. on our way home from the mall, however, eh hum, mommy lost it. i kept glancing back at my sleeping boy in his carseat and the tears have been coming ever since then. he looks adorable with this sweet new do, but i can't believe how much it changed him and made him look like a big boy. (these photos were taken just 3 days apart) i guess that's part of the process of growing up & becoming a parent though. he'll always be my little bean, no matter if he's got long or short hair or how old he is :)


  1. This card is SO pretty! I think it might be one of my favorites too:) Hope you're feeling better today.. I LOVE YOU! Miss you guys so much already too!


  2. Beautiful paper piecing. Hugs and empathy on your little boy growing up too quick. My little girl just turned one. Yep. Heartbreaking!