Sunday, February 10, 2013 no.103

i finally finished up my card for this week's make it mom and her boyfriend came to our house for a quick little visit this weekend! it was so nice to have them. my youngest sister, kate, went to spend the weekend with my other sister, billie, for her college's little sibling weekend. billie lives halfway from our hometown and my home, so since my mom was already halfway here, they headed south for the weekend instead of going back home. we had a good time catching up, drove through the jim beam factory area, went for a walk around lake nevin at bernheim forest, and cooked out on the grill on saturday night. we missed seeing the girls, but weston had some good time with his grandma. pretty sure they both enjoyed it :)

i had fun making this the mix of bright colors and neutral pattern paper for the background. thanks for taking a peek! xxo andrea.

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