Friday, July 15, 2011

why hello there!

here's a little bit about me:

my name is andrea, but you can call me andie.

i'm a 27 year old wife and mommy-to-be :)

my husband's name is michael. he's a volkswagen technician...he runs his own shop from our home.

we are expecting our first child in october 2011. couldn't be happier!

i am a graphic designer by profession. i work in the broadcast field, at an nbc affiliate.

my absolute dream job would be to design for a scrapbook or stamp company! get paid to scrapbook...ummm yes please!

we have three pets: rocket, a border collie. pepper, a sweet little kitty. we call them our "black and whites" because they match. and lastly, rosie, the goldfish.

of course, i am a lover of all things crafty...especially scrapbooking and cardmaking.

i just recently was published for the first time in stamp it! vol. 8 and will have a mini album published in create: mini albums this winter! eeek! so excited about that!

xxo andie...

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